Four Seasons ~ Yours to Enjoy!

Haliburton Highlands, actually all of Ontario Highlands takes great pride in being a four season home and recreational area. Spring is cottage opening time and yes, it can be buggy, but protect yourself and you can enjoy the outdoors which includes boating in late spring, bicycling, hiking and our favourite of all, maple sugaring!

The largest number of residents and visitors is in the summer seasons, loving the water activities, boating, kayaking, golf, bicycling, hiking, theatre and the arts. The list seems to grow larger each year. The towns bustle with colour and activity and there seems to be all sorts of adventures to attend – swimming and boating activities to farmers markets or, the theatre or a tour of a studio. The best of all worlds is sitting at the end of the dock in your favourite deck chair and watch the world go by.

Fall is the season that the hillsides burst with colour. All the brilliant hues of autumn seem to be everywhere. The colour reaches out beside you in the trees and bushes, underfoot as the leaves float down to make a colourful carpet and the forest canopy usually with floating puffy clouds and brilliant blue sky as a backdrop. Boating and canoeing are popular as the lakes are quieter and you can enjoy the quiet and the lapping of water against the side of the boat. Hiking is also popular.

Winter brings with it its’ own beauty. Blue skies, crisp air and white, sparkly, crunchy snow. Go ahead and be a child again, make angels in the snow or have a snowball fight with a companion or friends. This is the time for snowboarding, downhill skiing, skating, cross country skiing or snowshoeing or snowmobiling and the ever popular (with some) ice fishing.

In all seasons, there is hardly a weekend that goes by that there is not a list of activities and adventures in the newsletter that #MyHaliburtonHighlands sends out. The towns and villages have places for dining, places to stay, stores to shop in, concerts or theatre to see and many times studios to visit. There are also the necessities, grocery stores and pharmacies.

We would love to see you in our #OntarioHighlands, there is so much to see and do. #ComeWander.

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